Short Description:

·Features of mechanical parts

-Double Chain System

-Adopting the simple knife height-adjustment method and the fast opening dimension-adjustment system which bring extreme flexibility to the machine

-Equipped with the solid lifting mechanism, supporting structure and the needle-selecting system which can work well.

Product Detail

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·Controller Profile

-Industrial grade system

-Big memory with double core& improving running speed

-Diagnosis function with fast speed & accurate fixing

-Anti-interference transmission

-Work for EP and JC design

-High stability

·Field of application

For the nomal or low speed Rapier loom and shuttle loom

·Fabric suitability

All flat fabrics and terry cloth including home textile, garment fabric, towel, tie, label and India sari fabric and so on.

·Drive system and shedding

Double lift, full shedding, easy accurate shed opening adjustment

·Max speed


·Shedding Size


·Type of reversing


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