“Cloud Connection” China-France — “Silk Road Ke Qiao · Live worldwide” Ke Qiao cloth cloud trade exhibition (French station) is about to open

With the gradual recovery of the external demand market, the export business of textile and garment has turned to a good trend, but the overseas epidemic situation has not been completely controlled, and the international trade situation of textile is still uncertain. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic on enterprises participating in the global textile industry supply chain and help enterprises to explore the international market, following the first cooperation in Vietnam in 2020, Keqiao Clothing and Cloud Trade Fair will once again "go to war" from May 31 to June 2, and start the "Cloud Lead" tour in France. The event is organized by the People's Government of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, China Textile Information Center, the Bureau of Commerce of Keqiao District, and the Service Center of the International Competition of Keqiao District, with special support from French Alliance of Craftsmanship, International Association of Fashion Color, French Colour Association, Atelier, Paris fashion exhibition hall JOSEF.


The cloud live trade show will introduce cloud exhibition and marketing of textile trade market new model, by using big data and Internet technology, online display and trading platform, help enterprise docking French brand buyers KeQiao fabrics, to further strengthen international cooperation, seek sustainable economic growth, achieve market advantage in the outbreak era.

This activity selected 40 excellent fabric enterprises of Keqiao that meet the needs of French buyers for textile fabrics, and displayed them through the online business "cloud" platform of Keqiao and offline (France) physical exhibition hall. Each Keqiao fabric enterprise will select 3-4 series of fabrics to introduce their product features such as material, performance, advantages and so on in the broadcast room. France will organize hundreds of brand buyers to participate in this activity, and the two sides will establish a practical cooperation platform through online real-time negotiation and docking.

KeQiao as the world's largest textile market, based on the world textile industry development, relying on the abundant industrial foundation and unique competitive advantage, take the lead in open channel integration and model innovation, further pushing forward the construction of the digital market "with cloth as the media continue to explore and optimize the new path of international cooperation, practice in the new era of international textile vision.

France is one of the most important textile and clothing consumer markets in the world. In recent years, France has actively laid out the e-commerce field, and the e-commerce market is becoming more and more mature. Data from the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Research shows that the total amount of e-commerce accounts for 9.9% of the total retail trade in France, among which the clothing category has always maintained a large market share. Textiles and raw materials, as the second major category of French imports from China, still have a large market development space in the future.

In the face of the complex and changing international environment, Keqiao has actively linked high-end brands in the global supply chain through cloud business exhibition activities, seized the opportunities of Sino-French textile and garment economic and trade cooperation, and made a solid step on the road of building an international trade model and expanding the international influence of Keqiao textile and garment industry.

Post time: Jun-18-2021