Cotton Yarn Prices Continue To Fall As Epidemic In India Gradually Controls

At present, the number of outbreaks in many parts of India has begun to decline, most of the lockdown has eased the problem, the epidemic is slowly under control. With the introduction of various measures, the epidemic growth curve will gradually flatten. However, due to the blockade, textile production and transportation have been severely affected, many workers have returned home and raw materials are in short supply, which has made textile production difficult.

During the week, the price of blended yarn in northern India fell by Rs 2-3 / kg, while the price of synthetic and organic yarn fell by Rs 5 / kg. Combed and BCI yarns, the largest knitwear distribution centers in India, fell by Rs 3-4 / kg with medium yarn prices unchanged. The textile cities in eastern India were late affected by the epidemic, and the demand and price of all kinds of yarns dropped significantly in the past week. This region is the main source of supply for the domestic clothing market in India. In western India, the production capacity and demand for spinning yarn declined significantly, with pure cotton and polyester yarn prices down by Rs 5 / kg and other yarn categories unchanged.

Cotton and cotton yarn prices in Pakistan have remained stable in the last week, the partial blockade has not affected textile production and commercial activities have returned to normal after the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

The fall in raw material prices is likely to put pressure on cotton yarn prices in Pakistan for some time to come. Due to the lack of foreign demand, Pakistani cotton yarn export prices have not changed at present. Polyester and blended yarn prices also remained stable due to stable raw material prices.

The Karachi spot price index has remained at Rs 11,300 / Mud in recent weeks. Last week the imported US cotton price was at 92.25 cents/lb, down 4.11%.

Post time: Jun-18-2021